Richard A. Clarke

Dick is an advisor on cyber security and crisis management. He served in the White House for an unprecedented ten years, including as special advisor to the President on cyber security, and on counterterrorism and other national security issues.

The Fifth Domain

Go inside quantum-computing labs racing to develop cyber superweapons; see into the boardrooms of the many firms that have been hacked and the few that have not; walk through the corridors of the U.S. intelligence community with officials working to defend America’s elections from foreign malice. 

With a focus on solutions over scaremongering, Richard Clarke and Robert Knake make a compelling case for “cyber resilience”–building systems that can resist most attacks, raising the costs on cyber criminals and the autocrats who often lurk behind them, and avoiding the trap of overreaction to digital attacks.

Backed by decades of high-level experience in the White House and the private sector, The Fifth Domain delivers a riveting, agenda-setting insider look at what works in the struggle to avoid cyberwar.

Robert K. Knake

Rob is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a senior research scientist at Northeastern University’s Global Resilience Institute. From 2011-2015 he served as director for cyber security policy at the National Security Council.

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What People Are Saying

“In the battle raging between offense and defense in cyberspace, Clarke and Knake have some important ideas about how we can avoid cyberwar for our country, prevent cybercrime against our companies, and in doing so, reduce resentment, division, and instability at home and abroad.”

Bill Clinton

“In The Fifth Domain, two of America’s top cybersecurity experts reach a surprising and encouraging conclusion: it is within our power to manage cyber threats. Clarke and Knake offer a wealth of practical and achievable ideas for how the U.S. government, American companies, and private citizens can deter and thwart attacks.”

Susan rice

“Cyberspace is the battlefield of the future. Our national security is dependent on whether we wake up and recognize the nature of this threat. In The Fifth Domain, Richard Clarke and Robert Knake are issuing a strong wake-up call. As they conclude, ‘what is missing is national consensus, will, and priority setting.’ If we fail to take the necessary steps to defend ourselves, we may lose not just the battle but the war.”

Leon Panetta


“Sobering but hopeful exploration of defenses against the weaponization of the internet . . .”

Publishers Weekly

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